Our Firm

■ Noted for tenacious and aggressive representation in Employment Discrimination and other civil cases, the Gbenjo Law Group is also known for dogged defense in tough criminal cases and operates in four major states: Texas, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Georgia.  With several decades of experience, The Gbenjo Law Group has excelled in state, federal, and appellate courts practice with a long list of victories and settlements in very complex cases.  Among the many cases are:

  • Bell v. Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General, US Postal Service (a Caucasian female was subjected to a Hostile work environment shortly after marrying an African American male)
  • Henderson v. Norman Y. Mineta, U.S. Department of Transportation (a lesbian was denied a promotion because of her sexual orientation)
  • Burton v. Michael B. Mukasey, Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice (a Caucasian female was denied promotion and subjected to a Hostile work environment for marrying an African American male)
  • Dalton v. John E. Potter, Postmaster General, US Postal Service (a black male denied promotion because of his race)
  • Evans v. Anthony Principi, Department of Veterans Affairs (a Caucasian Male nurse subjected to a hostile work environment in an all-female environment)
  • Scrivner v. Maryland Department of Transportation (a black female denied promotion because of her race)
  • Datcher v. Potomac Electric Power Company – ( a mixed female suffered sexual harassment at the hands of a Caucasian male for about four years)
  • Hamilton v. Jacob J. Lew, United States Treasury (a black male denied promotion because of his race
  • Dunlap v. Smithsonian (a black male denied promotion and disciplined because of his race)

Similarly some of our achievements in the criminal arena are as follows:


Besides its proficiency in discrimination laws, The Gbenjo Law Group exhibits an upper level of versatility in other practice areas such as; family laws, criminal defense, corporate laws, etc. The company also represents employers in a broad range of industries including health care, non-profit organizations, banks and financial institutions, credit unions, colleges and universities, private schools, state and local governments, insurance and related services.

Anne Sampson-Gbenjo

For more than two decades, Anne Sampson-Gbenjo, a founding member of The Gbenjo Law Group has been consistent with Employment Discrimination and Civil Litigation. Licensed to practice in four states – Maryland, Washington, D.C., Georgia and Texas, Anne parades an extensive litigation competence with practice covering the State, Federal and Appellate courts.

Jack F. Holmes

Jack F. Holmes, a Police Officer for 10 Years, has been practicing law for more than 25 Years in criminal defense – handling a variety of complex litigation issues related to Medicare/Medicaid Offenses; Felony/Misdemeanor, Wrongfully Indictments, and Probation Violations. In conjunction with that, he has handled lots of civil cases including employment discrimination; business merger; business litigation; consumer protection laws and others.