Besides its proficiency in discrimination laws, The Gbenjo Law Group exhibits an upper level of versatility in other practice areas such as; family laws, criminal defense, corporate laws, etc. The company also represents employers in a broad range of industries including health care, non-profit organizations, banks and financial institutions, credit unions, colleges and universities, private schools, state and local governments, insurance and related services.

For more than two decades, Anne Sampson-Gbenjo, a founding member of The Gbenjo Law Group has been consistent with Employment Discrimination and Civil Litigation. Read more about Attorney Gbenjo  >>>

Jack F. Holmes, a Police Officer for 10 Years, has been practicing law for more than 25 Years in criminal defense – handling a variety of complex litigation issues related to Medicare/Medicaid Offenses; Felony/Misdemeanor, Wrongfully Indictments, and Probation Violations. Read more about Attorney Holmes >>>