Noted for tenacious and aggressive representation in Employment Discrimination and other civil cases, the Gbenjo Law Group is also known for dogged defense in tough criminal cases and operates in four major states: Texas, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Georgia. With several decades of experience, The Gbenjo Law Group has excelled in state, federal, and appellate courts practice with a long list of victories and settlements in very complex cases.


The Gbenjo Law Group is nationally reputed for placing client’s interests first. Our mission is to offer quality legal services to every single client, through unyielding, zealous and efficient representation.


Application of the law practice is not limited to court-room engagements. As a matter of professional values, we counsel clients on risk-mitigation and rudimentary compliance with statutory laws. We guarantee attorney availability, service efficiency, and cost-saving service methodologies.


United States Anti-Discrimination Laws could be complicated without the assistance of well-informed legal practitioners. Most crucial among them are the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Section 1981 and Section 1983.  In conjunction with that, each state has its own statutes prohibiting discrimination by employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies on the basis of Age, Pregnancy, Race, Color, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Religion, and National origin. The Gbenjo Law Group is proficient in discrimination laws. For several decades, we have been representing discrimination victims of various magnitudes, bringing legal victories home, even in very complex cases.

Major competence in dealing with complex discrimination issues hinges on the ability to understand how the employment process works, and how employers infringe on them. The Gbenjo Law Group does not only represents victims of discrimination, it also provides advice and/or training services to businesses on compliance with applicable laws.

Apart from that, the attorneys at the Gbenjo Law Group have in the past decades, untangled the mysteries of the Personal Injury legal actions; demolishing the hard walls of dispute between the insurance companies and their insured regarding honoring their policy declarations.  Additionally, the Gbenjo Law Group represents variety of personal injury victims.