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• Interference with a contract
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• Non-Compete Disputes
• Intellectual Property Disputes
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• Partnership Disputes

• Making conditions of employment dependent on sexual favors.
• Physical acts of sexual assault.
• Requests for sexual favors.
• Verbal harassment of a sexual nature.
• Unwanted touching or physical contact.
• Unwelcome sexual advances.

Based on age, race, sex, color, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, pregnancy
• Civil rights laws. …
• Family and medical leave laws. …
• On-the-job injuries (Non-subscribing Employers)
• Labor relations laws. …
• Workplace safety laws. …
• Compensation and child labor laws. …
• Immigrant employment laws…
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•  First party Claims
• Third party claims
• Car wreck involving 18-wheeler trucks
• Car wreck involving other types of vehicle
• Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Claims
• Denial of Personal Injury Protection Claims (PIP)
• Denial of legitimate Insurance Claims

• Divorce.
• Marriage laws.
• LGBT marriage rights.
• Spousal support.
• Child support.
• Custody.
• Division of assets and liabilities due to divorce.
• Adoption.
• Parental rights
• Paternity
• Dependency and child neglect
• Protection from abuse

Immigration law governs the legal status of foreign citizens, in the United States. The Gbenjo Law Firm provides a useful and current approach to attending to all immigration services, including provision of path to citizenship and employment in the United States. The Gbenjo Law Group assists prospective clients in the processes for seeking admission and gaining entry, providing or obtaining citizenship, and employment visas.
Most common service requests are:
■ Apply for Citizenship (Form N-400)
■ Employment Verification (Form I-9)
■ Apply for a Green Card (Form I-485)
■ Help My Relative Immigrate (Form I-130)
■ Affidavit of Support (Form I-864)
■ Renew or Replace My Green Card (Form I-90)
■ Remove Conditions on a Green Card through Marriage (Form I-751)
■ Apply for Employment Authorization (Form I-765)
■ Apply for a Travel Document (Form I-131)

There are often common fallacies about how personal injury process works, and specifically, what people should expect when pursuing personal injury claims. This is where The Gbenjo Law Group also excels. We consider it actionable when a prospective client suffers a physical injury due to someone else’s fault. Subsequently, this victim is entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering resulting from their injuries.

■ Did your boss develop a negative attitude right after you filed or lodged a complaint?
■ Did your boss exhibit an unpleasant attitude right after you informed him/her that you were pregnant?
■ Were you demoted or denied leave or promotion shortly after you lodged a discrimination complaint?
■ Do you endure racial slurs on the job almost every day or too frequently to be tolerable?
■ Do you endure age-related comments on the job almost every day or too frequently to be tolerable?
■ Did you ask to take time off to attend to your medical needs or a relative’s medical needs and are denied the request or not denied but were given an ultimatum?
■ Do you do the same work as people of different sex but are paid much less?
■ Do you feel singled out on your job because of your sex, age or race?
■ Do you endure offensive sexual comments on the job almost every day or too frequently to be tolerable?
■ Were your job duties taken away or significantly reduced shortly after you filed a discrimination complaint?
■ Were you denied a promotion on the job because of your age, race or sex?
■ Did you begin to experience hostility on the job after you had shunned your supervisor’s sexual advances?
■ Were you rejected or refused service at a restaurant or retail environment based on your race?

Managing discrimination in the workplace is usually vital. Gone are the days when employers had the rights to deny prospective employees their benefits or rights for reason of age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender, race, disability or other discriminative grounds.

Call The Gbenjo Law Group to receive details before you call your Human Resource Manager or anyone in management. You may be taking a big risk.

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The Gbenjo Law Group speaks to prospective clients, who have suffered significantly from physical injury due to a motor vehicle accident, share negligence, human error, or a defective product, to acquaint them with legal options.

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