Anne Sampson-Gbenjo

Principal Attorney

Anne Sampson-Gbenjo, a graduate of the Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, has diverse litigation experience in both the state, federal trial, and appellate courts of approximately 30 years

Proficient in complex, multi-district white-collar litigation, Anne has been consistent with litigating cases involving Employment, Age, Race, and Sex Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; and Medical Malpractice.

Licensed to practice in four states,  Maryland, Washington, D.C., Georgia, and Texas, Anne, a founding member of The Gbenjo Law Group, parades an extensive litigation competence with practice covering the State, Federal, and Appellate courts.

Anne’s overzealous representation made her a familiar face in the court districts, especially federal judicial districts, where she had handled very high-profile cases. For instance, in the Bell v. Patrick R. Donahoe (Postmaster General, US Postal Service), Anne went after the Federal Government to get justice for a Caucasian female, who was subjected to a hostile work environment shortly after marrying an African American male. Also, in Henderson v. Norman Y. Mineta, Anne tackled the United States Department of Transportation to their knees to get justice for a lesbian who was denied a promotion because of her sexual orientation.

For approximately 30 years, Anne has remarkably excelled in tough courtroom battles, daring hard-to-tackle discrimination cases. In Evans v. Anthony Principi (Department of Veterans Affairs), Anne represented this plaintiff, a Caucasian male nurse subjected to a hostile work environment in an all-female environment. Her client walked away with a victory.

The governments are not the only courtroom victims of Anne’s litigation prowess. Major insurance companies are not finding it easy either. She is a familiar name to virtually most adjusters who knows that she litigates most of her PERSONAL INJURY cases. Very recently, Anne sued Walmart over employment discrimination, hostile work environment, and retaliation perpetrated against her client.  She led a team of GLG lawyers in the high-profile case, battled the giant retail firm and its legal representatives to the ground, and walked away with a huge settlement.

Anne’s courtroom personality and aggressive style of representation earn her the respect of judges, clients, and jurors. Indeed, she had earned commendations from Judges and opposing colleagues complimenting her courtroom engagement prowess.


Education and Qualifications:


Western Michigan University


Thomas M. Cooley Law School

University of Maryland

The Gbenjo Law Group Firm is the best in Houston Area, I have tried 3-5 attorneys they failed to do their job. The Gbenjo Law Firm represent me and they achieved the result, not once, but twice.


I've used the Gbenjo Law Firm on two separate occasions for personal injury. I was greatly pleased on both occasions. Very knowledgeable people, and they get results.


I used this Law Office in 2016-2020 for a civil law suit against my employers and won all my demands. They are very good. They also represented my Mom in an auto accident case.


After I got rejected by a few attorneys, The Gbenjo Law took my personal injury case and turned it around. I was hit by a car and the Insurance company didn't want to pay me my claims.




  • San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member Texas Bar College             
  • Houston Lawyers Association
  • Houston bar Association
  • Fort Bend County Bar Association
  • Maryland State Bar Association
  • Ex-President, Maryland Suburban Women’s Bar Association


  • Employment Discrimination
  • Age, Race, Sex Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Personal Injury (Car Wreck)
  • Medical Malpractice


  • State Bar of Georgia
  • Maryland State Bar
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